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We've been installing concrete in Saskatoon for over 20 years, and as such we've picked up a more than a few tricks along the way. Everything that we will do as your concrete contractor has been strategically thought out and planned from thousands of jobs before you. We pride ourselves on using the best technology in equipment, high quality materials, and attention to detail. How will you handle any grade issues in my yard (relative to the house, sidewalk, and neighbors)? What will the depth of the concrete be? Which MPA of concrete do you use? What kind of forms do you use? If I want to make an adjustment to the design once it's on the ground, am I able to do so without incurring extra costs? Which gauge of re-bar do you use? How far apart is the rebar spaced? How long will my project take start to finish, weather permitting? Can you provide me with a list of customer referrals? What quality of sealer do you use? What type of sealer do you use? How many coats of sealer do you apply? How often and how deep do you cut the pressure cuts to help reduce cracks in my concrete. How do you determine where to install them? We Are Saskatoon's Best Concrete Contractor And Promise The Best Service, Competitive Pricing, Extensive Communication And Knowledge, Along With Our Long Term Employee Experience. GOOGLE "ROCKSCAPES SASKATOON REVIEWS" , THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN WHAT WE OFFER.
Concrete is a big investment, and as such, we want to do as much as we possibly can to encourage satisfaction with your investment. If you're getting quotes from multiple contractors, here are a few helpful hints for things you might want to ask them (and we're happy to answer them, too!).
BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE Best of all, we try very hard to leave the job site cleaner than when we started! We have a crew of professionals dedicated solely to putting the finishing touches on your driveway, and cleaning up your yard space so you can begin enjoying your new concrete as soon as possible!
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